AnthroPi is a startup specialized in communication and human factor; it develops and uses innovating softwares. We are currently working in Europe, especially with fire and rescue services, EMS, formation centers of medical regulation assistants, airports, the EFS (French Establishment of Blood Donation in France) and we are maintaining a partnership with the Ministry of Defence.

Our Services

Our services are oriented towards sound, communication, human factor and focused on managing crisis through computer simulation. Our cognitive analysis and conversational softwares provide data for an activity measurement. Those softwares are controlled by an AI (Artificial Intelligence.) They are modular, adaptable and can be interfaced with any operating system or business software without any intrusion.

Our Team

AnthroPi is made up of men and women with different skills and expertise. We can see among our team psychologists, communication and crisis management specialists, sound engineers, computer developers and hospital researchers. We want to encourage the exchange of skills between the different professions.

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